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Monkey Baby Shower Cakes

monkey baby shower cakes

    baby shower
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monkey baby shower cakes - Trend Lab

Trend Lab Hooded Towel Gift Cake, Chibi Print

Trend Lab Hooded Towel Gift Cake, Chibi Print

Trend Lab's Chibi Gift Cake is the perfect shower centerpiece and a practical gift for any mom to be. Gift set contains one hooded towel and three wash cloths. Hooded towel is white terry with Chibi zoo animals on a sage leaf background on the hood and trim. Wash cloths each have fun modern printed cotton on the front with terry on the back. Wash cloth patterns include: zoo animal print including a hippo zebra monkey tiger elephant and giraffe brown yellow blue and sage mini square print and white with sage dots. Hooded towel is wrapped around all three wash cloths to resemble a cake with topper and packaged in clear cellophane with ribbon and gift tag.

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Monkey Baby Shower Cake

Monkey Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake is an 8inch - 3 layer high double chocolate cake with oreo chocolate buttercream frosting. The cake and cupcakes were designed to match the baby shower invitations.
Cost: $60
Yields: 20 Slices

Animal Baby Shower Cake

Animal Baby Shower Cake

Jungle Animal Baby Shower Cake with fondant palm tree, elephants, monkeys and giraffes - close up of elephants

monkey baby shower cakes

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