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Safety First Baby Bathtub

safety first baby bathtub

    safety first
  • The overriding motivation for automatic control is safety, which encompasses the safety of people, the environment and equipment.

  • This is a list of episodes and videos of Barney & Friends: 1988 * The Backyard Show

  • Each residence is equipped with an automatic fire alarm notification, emergency call system, sprinkler system and secured entryways.

    baby bathtub
  • A bath ( or ), bathtub (AmE), or tub (informal) is a plumbing fixture used for bathing. Most modern bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, but alternatives are available in enamel over steel or cast iron, and occasionally waterproof finished wood.

  • small generally plastic portable bath – often moulded to babies shape for safety and support – if not you will require a bath easy/support to put in the baby bath to assist in holding baby while you wash them.

safety first baby bathtub - Safety 1st

Safety 1st Warm Me Shower and Bath Tub in White

Safety 1st Warm Me Shower and Bath Tub in White

To first-time or experienced moms, the Safety 1st Warm Me Shower and Bath is a baby bath tub that offers the ultimate in warm bathing experiences for newborns, infants or toddlers because it offers a warming backrest, an easy-to-rinse shower pump and a soft, comfortable cushion for baby.
Contoured, warm water back rest
Manual pump shower sprayer
No batteries required
One-hand shower sprayer
Two sprayer water flow selections
Multi-use bath sling
Soft sponge
Mesh sling
Sea creature fashion
Temperature strip
Non-slip tub texture
Large drain plug
Holds up to 50 pounds
Measures 30.25H x 17"W x 8"D

87% (8)

It's MY bottle, Molly...

It's MY bottle, Molly...

I hate to keep putting Molly in her dog carrier.......but if I don't, she will not leave little Liv alone. She wants to PLAY with her ALL the time.

It's not that Molly is's that she doesn't realize she has long and now very lanky legs. When she jumps up....ANYTHING that is in her way comes crashing down too.

When "we" go to the bathroom........Livvy helps me unwind the toilet paper with her little mouth. Molly used to be the one who was always with me it is "both" of them.

Livvy is used to when Molly decides to chase her in the bathroom....Livvy backs up and makes one big LEAP.....right into my lap as I sit "tinkling" on the toilet. She pushes her little head under my hair...rests her head and neck on my shoulder and breaths a sigh of relief with a little "baa" as to say "thank you" for my safety zone away from Molly. Molly just sits on the bathroom floor and watches me hold this little goat in my arms.......the arms where she used to be held.

I am sure there is a lot of jealousy right now.....but all in all....Molly is a good pup. She just needs a trainer and then "give her back to me" once all of this stuff is done. If someone would play with her 24 / 7....she'd be the happiest pup in the world. Actually...the same goes for little Livvy.

The dog was only born in September.....the family she came from had four little boys and one tiny Pygmy goat baby only six weeks old.....all would sit on the family couch and watch TV. Each little boy held his own "special pup" and the goat would sit in between...while the kids and pets watched TV. The Mother of the boys found it so funny how the animals loved to watch TV too. It was sad when the little boys had to give up their pups.......but they were keeping one little girl...realizing they had the Mother Kelpie and the Dad Border Collie still at home.

It was a good thing that she'd be handled by little children.....but the bad thing is that she was used to attention ALL the time. When she doesn't get it...she cries....yelps....and the list goes on.

Molly jumps up on the side of the bathtub, if I happen to run the water from the bathtub faucet. When she jumps up......shampoo, extra roll of toilet paper and ANYTHING that happens to be "out" that shouldn't....ends up flying and usually on the floor.

I think she still thinks she is a tiny tiny pup.........that simply doesn't realize the havoc she creates with how excited things make her. Especially a tiny baby goat named Livvy.

Safety First! (5/365)

Safety First! (5/365)

My wife is adorable. Sometimes, she does funny things without even realizing she's done funny things.

This morning, I was thinking about this whole "Project 365" I've committed myself to (take/post a picture a day for an entire year) and wondered where I'd find inspiration for today. I never thought I'd find this inspiration in the bathroom (and if I had, I certainly wouldn't have thought about photographing it).

Sure, our bathroom is small and counter space is limited and I can see the logic behind why this happened. There's just something darkly humourous about having the hair dryer unceremoniously plunked in the middle of the baby's bath tub (in the middle of the bathtub).

safety first baby bathtub

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