5 Month Old Baby Sleeping. Pc Baby Crib Bedding Set. Rihanna Baby Pictures

5 Month Old Baby Sleeping

5 month old baby sleeping

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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

I have the opportunity to photograph this little sweetie and her twin sister (5 month old babies) in a couple of weeks, and today I met with the mom to discuss the details. I snapped a few pictures while I was there. No lights, and today was overcast so the natural light sucked as well. This is the best I could get.
They were so sweet!

proof 16

proof 16

I had the chance to shoot this adorable baby today! So smiley and happy with those big blue eyes...she found her thumb after awhile and then nodded off to sleep :)

Yes, that's right...a somewhat foldable 5 month old! It rocked!

5 month old baby sleeping

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5 month old baby sleeping

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