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Save The Baby Ointment

save the baby ointment

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I had two cats with no intention of adding at third to my roaster. A single woman living in NYC, I felt three cats would be the tipping point. I told myself fostering would be enough to satisfy my cravings. But then Haddie came along.
Haddie was under one pound when found flea-ridden and with a raging herpes infection in both eyes. The vet feared she’d lose her eyes, but was able to save after several surgeries and lots of healing time. By the time she got to me she was 4 months old requiring eye drops every few hours and ointment twice a day (I literally had to rub it into her eye-ball!). She was a trooper and withstood the poking and prodding without putting up a fight.

When I first got her she was also batting a cold and since her eyesight was compromised she relied heavily on her sense of smell. I could hear her sniffling loudly through her congested nose from the next room as she gingerly navigated the apartment. We had steam sessions in the bathroom to help her breath.
I’ll never forget the day I walked back into the apartment after having been out running errands to find her curled up and sleeping in the exact same spot I’d left her an hour earlier. Upon closer examination it became clear that she wasn’t sleeping at all. Her little eyelids were glued shut - poor baby!
Haddie was adopted but returned a few weeks later, something about not getting along with the resident cat (they kept her in the bathroom all that time!). She hated going to PETCO for the weekend adoption events and had a sixth sense. Saturday morning found her under my bed even before I’d taken the carrier out.
I found myself keeping her home from PETCO. Then one Saturday morning I got a call to bring her to a special adoption I had committed to but didn’t recall doing so. I felt guilty backing out at the last minute so I went to pack her up.
Haddie was hiding under the bed in the corner furthermost from me. I grabbed her rather unceremoniously and with her in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other teetered down the stairs on my platform espadrilles (I was en route to brunch when I had received the call).
One step from the landing I tripped over my platforms and the next thing I knew both Haddie and the coffee flew out of my hands. My dress ended up over my head and I landed squarely into the tray of cat wet food with both cheeks. It was like some elaborate booby trap from “Home Alone.”
It wasn’t quite a piano landing on my head but close enough. The message was received and now I’m single in the city, with cats. Three cats.

Siamese May Loose Her Eye

Siamese May Loose Her Eye

Our Cat Care Coordinator is fostering this tiny bottle baby that we took in this evening. She will have to go to the vet first thing in the morning. She was attacked by an animal, and it looks like her eye may need to be removed. She has had a bath, some KMR, and lots of TLC.

EDIT, UPDATE: There was no animal attack like the person who found this kitten first thought. It was a Cuterebra larvae that was in her eye. The vet prescribed an eye ointment to try and save her eye. But, she still may loose it later. Only time will tell.

save the baby ointment

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5 month old baby sleeping

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