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Free Baby Generator

free baby generator

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spooky exit

spooky exit

Not like you could get near that door on the other side anyhow. You're easily a half mile from the nearest civilian outpost. The flags were supposed to make this look patriotic but to me they only looked spooky, draped over the jersey barriers. To add to the festive atmosphere, the "Free Speech Corral" [more on that later this week] was empty except for one lone religious freak with a megaphone. He was shouting non-stop about the lord and salvation and abortion and dead babies until I got out of earshot which took about 20 minutes. Otherwise all your could hear were the generators and the idling shuttle busses. It was like every prison camp movie you've ever seen, except the "guards" in this case were local cops who were fairly nice, not in riot gear, and good at pointing me towards the T stop.

10.10.11 - Over Head

10.10.11 - Over Head


It's the overhead panel on the Boeing 737NG (600-900 series).

Yes, I know what everything does (kind of a requirement, doncha think? ;) ).

No, we don't use all the switches all the time, just a few on a routine basis.

I have added notes for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing.

I've also uploaded larger than normal so feel free to have a look at a bigger version.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving (Canadian-type)!

free baby generator

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