Underwater baby theme - Loves baby soft gift set

Underwater Baby Theme

underwater baby theme

  • Situated, occurring, or done beneath the surface of the water

  • submerged: beneath the surface of the water; "submerged rocks"

  • subaqueous: growing or remaining under water; "viewing subaqueous fauna from a glass-bottomed boat"; "submerged leaves"

  • Underwater is a term describing the realm below the surface of water where the water exists in a natural feature (called a body of water) such as an ocean, sea, lake, pond, or river. Three quarters of the planet Earth is covered by water.

  • a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work; "it was the usual `boy gets girl' theme"

  • subject: the subject matter of a conversation or discussion; "he didn't want to discuss that subject"; "it was a very sensitive topic"; "his letters were always on the theme of love"

  • The subject of a talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic

  • The first major constituent of a clause, indicating the subject-matter, typically being the subject but optionally other constituents, as in “poor he is not.”

  • An idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature

  • provide with a particular theme or motive; "the restaurant often themes its menus"

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born

  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

  • A young or newly born animal

  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"

  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

underwater baby theme - Fisher-Price Ocean

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bouncer

Baby spent nine months floating around in her/his own "aquarium," listening to the deep-sea sounds of Mommy’s tummy--so why wouldn’t she love to tune in to the gurgles and splashes of this Aquarium Bouncer?

Four selections of music and sounds allow ocean waves, a babbling brook, summer rain, or lullabies to wash over Baby.

The lightweight bouncy seat features an ocean-themed fabric seat with harness restraint (machine washable), calming vibrations, a baby- (or parent-) activated toy bar, and a pretend tank filled with swimming fish, bubbles, colored lights, and music. Infants can bat at fish and seahorse to activate music, lights, and sounds (and stimulate sensory development, by the way).

Four selections of music and sounds (with volume control) allow ocean waves, a babbling brook, summer rain, or lullabies to wash over Baby. The removable toy bar features brightly colored toys with spinners, teethers, and textures to stimulate baby’s sight and touch.
Baby’s going to be a veritable genius before s/he is through with this seat! Discontinue use when baby reaches 25 pounds or can sit upright unassisted. Four D batteries required (not included). Phillips head screwdriver needed for assembly (also not included). --Emilie Coulter

75% (17)

Marineland Beluga Whales - Happy Baby

Marineland Beluga Whales - Happy Baby

Beluga Whale

"Male belugas are larger than females. Males can reach 5.5 metres (18 ft) long, while females grow to 4.1 metres (13 ft). Males weigh between 1,100 and 1,600 kilograms (2,400 and 3,500 lb) while females weigh between 700 and 1,200 kilograms (1,500 and 2,600 lb). This is larger than most dolphins, but is smaller than most other toothed whales.
The adult beluga is rarely mistaken for another species, because it is completely white or whitish-gray in color. Calves, however, are usually gray. Its head is unlike that of any other cetacean. Like most toothed whales it has a melon—an oily, fatty tissue lump found at the center of the forehead. The beluga's melon is extremely bulbous and even malleable. The beluga is able to change the shape of its head by blowing air around its sinuses. Unlike many dolphins and whales, the vertebrae in the neck are not fused together, allowing the animal to turn its head laterally. The rostrum has about 8 to 10 teeth on each side of the jaw and a total of 34 to 40 teeth.
Belugas are highly sociable. Groups of males may number in the hundreds, while mothers with calves generally mix in slightly smaller groups. When pods aggregate in estuaries, they may number in the thousands. This can represent a significant proportion of the entire population and is when they are most vulnerable to hunting.
Pods tend to be unstable, meaning that they tend to move from pod to pod. Radio tracking has shown that belugas can start out in a pod and within a few days be hundreds of miles away from that pod. Mothers and calves form the beluga's closest social relationship. Nursing times of two years have been observed and lactational anestrus may not occur. Calves often return to the same estuary as their mother in the summer, meeting her sometimes even after becoming fully mature.
Belugas can be playful—they may spit at humans or other whales. It is not unusual for an aquarium handler to be drenched by one of his charges. Some researchers believe that spitting originated with blowing sand away from crustaceans at the sea bottom.
Unlike most whales, it is capable of swimming backwards.
Males reach sexual maturity between four and seven years, while females mature at between six and nine years. The beluga can live more than 50 years."
- Courtesy of Wikipdida


"If you are in the Niagara Falls area and want to find a fun activity for the kids to enjoy, try Marineland Canada. At Marineland Canada kids will be thrilled to see sea lions, dolphins and killer whales in shows and up-close in an observation tank. There’s also a wildlife display where children can feed and pet deer and see bears and elk. If this weren’t enough, there are also a number of theme-park rides and three restaurants.

Marineland Niagara Falls Canada is one of the only marine parks in the world that allows visitors the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the amazing marine animals. A tried-and-true favorite is the aquarium theatre show performances by dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, and of course, King Waldorf, the walrus. The King Waldorf Stadium Show takes place throughout the day at regular intervals. Get there early to get a good seat because seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and guests are not allowed in once a show has started.

To see killer whales close up, children can go to Friendship Cove, a 4.5 million gallon observation tank. Friendship Cove is home to the largest whale habitat in the world, and Marineland Canada has created overhead walkways and underwater viewing for some dramatic views of these amazing creatures. There is another aquarium which displays freshwater fish that kids will have fun observing as well.

Similar to the Friendship Cove design, Marineland Niagara Falls Canada has created Arctic Cove, home to the beluga whales. Artic Cove is beautifully designed with extensive rockwork made to reflect the beluga whale’s natural ocean environment. Like Friendship Cove, Marineland Ontario has built several walkways around the habitat for great viewing of the whales. The underwater viewing panels allow visitors to watch the beautiful creatures as they dive and swim and interact with each other. Kids will really love the opportunity to feed the friendly beluga whales. Marineland Ontario holds touching and feeding sessions with the animals regularly throughout the day, though you must buy tickets for this activity.

At Marineland Ontario, the whole family will enjoy getting close to the animals that live both on land and in the sea. There are elk and deer in the park that you can touch and feed if you so desire. At the fish-feeding lake guests can feed fish and watch playful black bears, powerful buffaloes, majestic elk and other fascinating animals of the wild.

Marineland Niagara Falls Canada also has all of the amusement park rides that kids love. There is a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, Dragon Boat rides and a big playground. The most exhilarating r

Spongebob + Patrick Baby Shower Cake Close view

Spongebob + Patrick Baby Shower Cake   Close view

Coffee cake with lemon buttercream.

For a baby shower theme, Spongebob + Patrick are wearing diapers and waving their arms to welcome the baby home.

I made the top of the pineapple house ripped open to have the effect of a surprise from Spongebob and Patrick and are excited for the baby to be home.

The pineapple house and the drum board are covered with fondant and then painted with edible gel coloring. Edible decorations are than added to complete the look. Spongebob and Patrick figurines are hand molded out of edible sugar paste (fondant and gum paste).

underwater baby theme

underwater baby theme

Ocean Wall Stickers for Under the Sea Theme Wall Mural for Kids Room - 62 Underwater Wall Decals

So sparkly! So adorable! Our Ocean Wall Stickers are colorful, whimsical and so easy to apply. In minutes you can create an endearing and shimmering Under the Sea theme bedroom for your little one. The Under the Sea Wall Stickers by My Wonderful Walls are truly in a class of their own. You've never seen anything like this before. Though flat to the touch, they look as if they sparkle and have texture. Just peel and stick and you'll have an instant kid's underwater wall mural that your child will fall in love with. These ocean wall decals are ultra easy to apply, as they are made from SafeClingTM, an innovative fabric wall sticker that can be repositioned and layered, won't stretch or tear, and won't leave any icky residue on the wall when removed. In this delightful ocean theme sticker kit you'll receive 62 fabric wall stickers including: giant octopus and sea turtle, mama and baby whales, dolphins, merman, mermaid, squid, shark, seal, angler-fish, swordfish, lobster, angelfish, clown fish, stingray, sea anemone, coral, tube sponge, crab, sea horse, brain coral, tuna fish, starfish, clam, submarine, anchor, shells, an assortment of seaweed and small fish. This imaginative children's ocean wall mural is gender neutral and is ideal for playrooms, day cares, classrooms, boys rooms, girls rooms, baby rooms, pediatric offices and more.

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